Verdon Gorge, France – Europe’s Grand Canyon

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It may not be as long as the Grand Canyon, or come with a spectacular skywalk, yet Verdon Gorge in France is said to be the most beautiful canyon in Europe. The turquoise color of the Verdon river distinguishes the area and the canyon itself, while attracting numerous travelers for hiking and rock climbing, especially during the summer.

The Verdon Gorge is 25 kilometers long and its depth varies from 250 to 700 meters (about 2 297 feet. maximum). Its most popular segment is that situated between the towns of Castellane and Moustiers-Sainte-Marie, where the river has cut a spectacular ravine through the limestone mass, 700 meters below. Its proximity to the French Riviera makes it highly accessible.

The friendly and visually impressive landscapes attracts hikers, rock climbers and kayak enthusiasts from all over the world. Rock climbing is particularly popular in the area of Verdon Gorge, where 1500 routes are available. Cracks, pillars and seemingly infinite walls make this a haven for multi-pitch climbing. Other traveling objectives in the area should be the man-made Lake of Sainte-Croix and for hikers, the Rancoumas panoramic viewpoint near the Tusset Bridge.

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If you visit Cannes or Aixe de Provence, driving to Verdon Gorge is a must. LER line 27 ensures 3 buses/day, between Marseille and Riez, for a trip time of two hours and LER line 27 (part B): 1 bus a day between Riez and Castellane (via the Gorges-de-Verdon), trip time 1h30. More information here.

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