Umbrella Sky on the streets of Portugal

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This amazing firework of colors of multi-colored umbrellas could be called the festival of Portuguese umbrellas.

Admire installation Umbrella Sky, which was made possible by narrow and quiet streets of the town ofAgueda, flocked not only locals but also tourists, photographers. After a riot of colors in the sky, you’ll see every day.

Umbrella Sky installation was made possible by the fact that this narrow street in Agueda and quiet, and the authors of the project was not too difficult to stretch the wire between the houses, and attach to it a lot of umbrellas.

And more art-effect, which can be seen on the pavement – it is an interesting pattern that is obtained from the shadows of a sunny day on the open umbrella. Art project appreciated not only gueda residents and visitors, but also photographers and amateurs.

Rarely happens when the opportunity to photograph something as bright, colorful and unusual as the “sky of umbrellas!”

Umbrella Sky 01 650x497 on  Umbrella Sky on the streets of Portugal

Umbrella Sky 04 650x432 on  Umbrella Sky on the streets of Portugal

Umbrella Sky 05 650x487 on  Umbrella Sky on the streets of Portugal

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