Travel around the world in 4 minutes

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In January 2009, 33 years old Graham Hughes left his home town Liverpool and set off on a 257.000km trip around the world. He is one of few proud people to travel across 201 countries including 193 members of UN.

It took him exactly 1.426 days to complete his adventure with a modest budget of $100 per week while using all means of transportation except flying.
Last December he crossed the border of South Sudan and celebrated the end of his travels with a bottle of champagne.

He says that his favored destination was the island of Palau in the South Pacific and that he also enjoyed dancing with the natives in Papua New Guinea, seeing the orangutans in Borneo, driving thru Kenya and meeting the prime minster of Tuvalu.

Make sure you check out his video and travel around the world in 4 minutes. There is one second for every country.

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