The Russian magnate Boris Berezovsky, was found dead

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The Russian magnate Boris Berezovsky, was found dead at his home in England. Police said his death “unexplained”.

Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, an old opponent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, died Saturday at his home in England, in mysterious circumstances, as “unexplained” by the British police investigating the case, while his Russian lawyer said that he committed suicide AFP.

Russian tycoon death, aged 67 years, was confirmed Saturday night by the spokesman, Tim Bell. “Yes, he died. Confirmed by my lawyer this afternoon,” he told AFP.

Tim Bell did not provide any information about the circumstances of death billionaire, but said it would release a statement on behalf of the family.

“His death is presently considered as unexplained and a full investigation is underway,” he said in a statement the British police.

“I received a call today (Saturday), at 15.18 GMT, from someone who was concerned about the health of a man who was at an address in Ascot ‘village situated about 60 kilometers southwest of London Ambulance Service said.

berezovsky 350x262 on  The Russian magnate Boris Berezovsky, was found dead“We sent an ambulance with more medical staff at the address indicated. Deaths of 67-year-old man was confirmed on the spot,” it said.

“Death is considered unexplained and is subject to a police investigation,” the spokeswoman said, and ambulance service.

In Moscow, Russian lawyer, Alexandre Dobrovinski said Rossia 24 television that suicide oligarch.

“They called me from London to announce that Berezovsky had committed suicide,” said Dobrovinski, without specifying who gave this information.

“Lately, Berezovsky was in a terrible state, was buried in debt, was destroyed … was forced to sell paintings and other goods,” he added.

“Since we found some mutual friends that asked $ 5,000 to buy a ticket,” said Dobrovinski.

A friend of Boris Berezovsky, the businessman Demian Kudriavtsev, tycoon denied instead that could have put his suicide: “No, it’s not so! Nobody knows what happened. Apparently there is no indication suicide, traces of injections or ingestion of drugs, “he told RIA Novosti agency.

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