The Photoshop-Level Body Art of Chooo-San

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Look at the photo below. I know what you’re thinking, photoshopped, right? Not exactly, although this person doesn’t really need a change of batteries, the photo hasn’t been digitally altered. It’s just the creepy/cool body art of Chooo-San.

Chooo-San discovered her talent for body art during a gap year studying for university admission exams. While taking breaks from her studies, she would often draw eyes on her hands. Soon, her doodles started getting better and better, so she moved on to create even more bizarre body modifications. Using only acrylic paint, the young Japanese girl can turn herself into a creepy mutant with several pairs of eyes covering her face, or a robot with integrated batteries and LCD display.

Chooo-San keeps a Tumblr blog where she keeps most of her impressive body-art photos, and keeps in touch with her fans via Twitter.

Body Art of Chooo San 01

Body Art of Chooo San 02


Body Art of Chooo San 04

Body Art of Chooo San 05

Body Art of Chooo San 06


Body Art of Chooo San 08

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