A Russian plane with 46 people aboard, 38 passengers and eight crew members, controllers lost contact with flight Wednesday while make a demonstration flight in western Indonesia.

Aircraft, Sukhoi Superjet-100 type, the modern civil aircraft built in Russia after the collapse of the USSR, took off in the capital city, with a flight scheduled for 50 minutes.

The control tower lost contact with the device immediately after the crew had requested permission to descend from 3,000 meters to 1,800 meters in the mountains Salak, West Java province.

Local officials immediately launched search operations, hampered by bad weather, which caused two helicopters to return to the ground.

On board were several diplomats from the Russian Embassy in Jakarta, journalists, and representatives of local companies interested in purchasing equipment type Sukhoi Superjet-100.

Demonstration in Indonesia was part of the tour promoting this type of aircraft, called Welcome Asia, already staying in Myanmar, Pakistan and Kazakhstan and was to come here in Laos and Vietnam


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