The biggest inhabitants of the underwater world

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The seas and oceans live the most ancient, the biggest, strongest and most poisonous animals in the world. Many of them look like creatures from another planet. With some of them we are now acquainted.

This bright and colorful marine life has reputation as a fighter, able to withstand even larger opponents. This animal is called a sea crab mantis (Peacock mantis shrimp or Odontodactylis scyllarus), according to some reports, he champion the impact force in the category minimum weight Maximum acceleration.

Powerful forelimbs can strike like a hammer of hundredths of a second, so they break up thick calcareous shells or shells chitinous skeleton opponents. Extracts and the overly curious divers on a finger or a hapless photographer on the glass lens underwater case. Unique high-eyes always find poudachnee to hit, so this pouvazhitelnee cancers. It was an old dream, to remove the Peacock Mantis with caviar.

The underwater world 11 650x418 on  The biggest inhabitants of the underwater world

The underwater world 13 650x446 on  The biggest inhabitants of the underwater world

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