Taylor Swift New Ambassador Coca-Cola

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After posing for the Disney amusement parks disguised as Rapunzel through the lens of photographer Annie Leibovitz, Taylor Swift has announced a new partnership and not least. The country singer has indeed posted a video entitled Some Extraordinary News (News Special) where she explains that Coca-Cola Light became one of its partners. Yes, the beautiful announces that Diet Coke will be involved in the tour of his new album, Red.

The former Harry Styles should also turn in an advertisement and we reserve also many other surprises! While she is currently in Paris, where she just happened to showcase the singer says in a video:

“I wanted to tell you first. We were in talks about this partnership and this includes many fun things around the tour but also around Diet Coke usually around backstage for advertising.”

The beautiful blonde 23 year old also took the opportunity to encourage his fans to register on the Facebook page of Diet Coke.

The irony in the story? Is that Harry Styles and One Direction are on their sides engaged with competitors of the brand … Pepsi!

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