Shock news in the UK: Kate Middleton could have a brain tumor

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British royal palace seems to be cursed. U.S. magazine Globe announced that Duchess Kate Middleton would have a brain tumor and might die even before birth, in July.

Health problems that Duchess Kate has had a few months ago, when he was admitted immediately to London, were from a brain tumor and not the task, write

According to American journalists if condition worsens health of Duchess Kate might die even before they give birth to her first child and Prince William.

Globe quoted unnamed sources claim that during hospitalization leads almost two months ago, King Edward VII Hospital in London, she had brain surgery through a minimally invasive procedure. Since tahen, doctors have taken tissue from the tumor to be able to do a biopsy.

British royal house has not made yet any comment on the allegations, although English people are increasingly asking why Kate has not appeared at all in public lately.

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