Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan

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After a brief stop at the British base of Akrotiri in Cyprus, where he was able to decompress after leaving Afghanistan Monday evening, Prince Harry is back Wednesday, January 23, 2013 in the country, arriving at 16:45 at RAF Brize Norton, in Oxfordshire, on a scheduled flight convoy of military personnel.

A homecoming puts an end to four months of near abstinence media around the prince, 28, was deployed in September 2012 as copilot-gunner Apache helicopter in Afghanistan, Camp Bastion, in the province of Helmand, where he had already served in 2008.

If his departure in mission and inherent radio silence had helped push a little into oblivion scandal of his stay very festive in Las Vegas and pictures of him naked then published his return light flared up again the news, all that he has done so, by its nature the least integer, to light the fuse: in an uplifting interview without taboos placed on the basis of Camp Bastion before his departure but only after broadcast at the same time that pictures of her daily months, Dirty Harry returned to the scandal by admitting his excesses but condemning the press. Among other secrets, such as his joy about the pregnancy of the Duchess of Cambridge, the jealousy of his brother William about his departure to fight, or the fact, admitted with some candor, he killed the Taliban ” like most guys out there, “and that” it is a joy for someone like him who loves playing PlayStation or Xbox to see his thumbs can be used for something. ” The kind of statements which give a hot shot to his superiors and to strengthen the threat on his person: moreover, Scotland Yard immediately responded by increasing security around him for his return. And if Harry is unanimously praised both for his bravery in battle for his camaraderie, officers of Defence warned against the fact that attracting attention to himself and speak boldly as its role in the field can make him a prime target (it is already by nature). There is in any case little chance that the Captain Wales, as he is known in the Air Force, or redeployed place by 2014, when the withdrawal of international forces from Afghanistan. Unless it needs to be assigned to the Household Cavalry in the hope highly unlikely to be deployed on the ground.

Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan on  Prince Harry returned from Afghanistan

The media was of course to go to collect his first impressions hot. And they were obviously attentive to his “impatience to see William and Kate,” journalists have also paid attention to a new war story of Prince Harry on his life in Afghanistan, one of his last day, he saw a girl of 7 years shot by insurgents: “I do not know what normal means or what it has never meant, and he entrusted marked with Sky News. There is nothing normal AONs that we made the last four and a half months. For my last day there, I saw a girl of 7 years shot by insurgents. Normality is something very ambiguous. I will continue to be myself. I will continue to be a soldier. “

“It was a hellish experience. I’m really proud of the guys. This is very different from the last time I went. I’m just glad to be back. A little blue sky in Cyprus, little relaxation, a little comedy – and back in the snow. these four and a half months passed quickly. Yonder, you are living things that you will never live anywhere else. And the best thing is to go . I’m looking forward to my family. When you go four and half months, you are not aware of much. “

In response to the controversy and concerns, Harry gave a much more moderate on Wednesday to journalists who asked him to explain these words: “For thousands of guys in operation at that time, we continue to try to do our job, a job for us, a job for the guys to the left and those on our right, and, from my point of view, especially those on the ground. We support the Afghan people, the Afghan army, the how things evolve is fantastic, the difference between 2006 and now is fantastic., we are asked to do things that are things to do when wearing this uniform, it’s as simple as that. “

Harry, who descended from his flight Airbus A330 Voyager, did not follow his squadron (the 662nd Regiment of the 3rd) at the base of Wattisham in Suffolk, probably to find his own as soon as possible, expressed his intention to resume service for royal missions and charities. And see his family in privacy: “You’re not invited, guys,” he teased reporters.

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