Plane Crash That Changed Aviation #Ep.1

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Flying in a jetliner is extraordinarily safe: There has been only one fatal crash in the United States in the past five years, an astounding record considering that more than 30,000 flights take off every day.

How did flying get so reliable? In part, because of accidents that triggered crucial safety improvements. Here are one of eight crashes and two emergency landings whose influence is felt “for the good” each time you step on a plane.

Ep.1 – GRAND CANYON | TWA Flight 2 and United Airlines Flight 718
The accident spurred a $250 million upgrade of the air traffic control (ATC) system–serious money in those days. (It worked: There hasn’t been a collision between two airliners in the United States in 47 years.)

The crash also triggered the creation in 1958 of the Federal Aviation Agency (now Administration) to oversee air safety.

TWA -United Grandcanyon

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