Photos: Celebrations The Chinese New Year

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Celebrations The Chinese New Year 2013, which will see the dragon give way to the snake, officially gets started February 10. But you’d never know it from the celebratory performances, markets, decorations, and of course, record numbers of travelers.

200 million people have traveled home to visit family for the seven-day holiday, which many believe is the biggest human migration in the world today, BBC News reported.

Though authorities have called for downsized fireworks to reduce air pollution and motioned for anti-extravagance measures throughout the country, the spirit of the Lunar New Year remains high in China and across Asia, the Associated Press reported.

The year of the snake has a mixed reputation in China, according to the BBC: while people associate it with wisdom and beauty, it also has connotations of pride and anger.

The Chinese New Year 10 650x433 on  Photos: Celebrations The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year 04 650x433 on  Photos: Celebrations The Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year 09 650x533 on  Photos: Celebrations The Chinese New Year

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