Mowgli in Germany. He lived in a forest in the last 5 years

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German police requested assistance from Interpol to establish the identity of a young man aged about 17, who came to the town hall in Berlin telling that in the last five years living with his father in the forests of Germany.

According to German press, the teenager, with carry a tent, a sleeping bag and a backpack, took contact with the Berlin in September 5th telling that in the last five years and has spent his life living with his father in the woods.

Mowgli in Germany

Young told police that several days after his father’s death occurred, decided to turn north on foot, focusing on the compass.

Ray says that teenager is called, speaks English, knowing a few words in German, and could not say which country it originates. He said that his mother died five years ago, his father decided to live in the forest, the two went their living in a tent and various other natural shelters.

According to social services in which care is, his physical condition is good.

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