Moscow Crash: ‘At Least 14 Dead’

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More than a dozen people were killed, including a child, and 43 injured as a truck collided with a passenger bus in Moscow.

Moscow’s health authorities reported that at least 22 people were injured, with 14 of them remaining in a critical condition.

Earlier reports said that 15 people were killed in the accident, but the number of dead was later confirmed to be 14.

Thirty ambulance crews were sent out to the site in southern Moscow after bus N1033 collided with a truck carrying roadbase.

Helicopters with medics on board were also dispatched to the crash scene.

The driver of the Kamaz truck was apparently at fault, T-boning the bus after failing to let the passenger vehicle pass through the intersection, the preliminary investigation revealed.

The driver has survived the collision.

The force of the hit tore off the bus in two, according to LifeNews.
The accident happened in an area referred to as “new” Moscow, as the southern suburb was recently included within the city’s borders.

Moscow Crash - At Least 14 Dead

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