To pose with a big collar around the neck, not the top model for … Disabled for a few days, after being the victim of a car accident, she was struck by another car while she was on the highway, Miranda Kerr went yesterday (Thursday 14 March) his doctor Los Angeles.

“Many people have asked me if Miranda was better. Thanks for all your messages and prayers, it affects us. Miranda goes well. She had a car accident and will have to wear a brace for a while but god thank you, it has nothing and Flynn was not in the car. Everybody goes do not worry. I send you all my love and gratitude. “tweeted Therese Kerr’s mother, Miranda Kerr, right after the accident.

Relieved that the accident was not more serious, even if the neck is terribly suffering, the Muse Victoria’s Secret monitors the evolution of his injury. All the time requested for shootings in recent months, the twig is forced to put a stop to focus on his health.

This mode is casual, but still stylish, Miranda Kerr went to her doctor’s appointment. Lookée with one of his favorite pieces, skinny jeans and ballet flats and capped with a braid on top of her hair, the wife of Orlando Bloom was photographed smiling.

It takes more than a big collar to make him lose his good humor and joie de vivre …

Photos Miranda Kerr

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