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Sea turtles are among the most tender animals of the oceans, but not punk turtle that is unique in its style reptilvolucionario.

Only missing collar studs to be a true urban punk, although the style of this turtle is more natural, in fact his green mohawk is made only of algae that formed naturally Excellent! For the real punks are not going to the hairdressers.

The reptile solucionario actually belongs to Elusor macrurus species, which live mainly in the Mary River in Australia.

Although for us the look of this turtle is very striking, low water turns out to be a perfect camouflage, which lets you search snacks without them realizing and hide from other predators.

Unfortunately this species is on the IUCN Red List dela since 2007, in the past many were captured for sale as pets but the irresponsibility of the owners makes life expectancy in captivity of this turtle is not very long.

The photos in this punk turtle were taken by Australian photographer Chris Van WVK.

Elusor macrurus tortuga punky 04

Elusor macrurus tortuga punky 02

Elusor macrurus tortuga punky 01

Elusor macrurus tortuga punky 03

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