Lassen Volcanic National Park

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A vacation to any kind of national park is really an adventure suitable for the whole family. These types of lands have been protected and often filled with flora and fauna therefore the attractiveness of the ecosystem and ecology could be preserved. A national park containing a volcano is far more magnificent.

It’s just about 100000 acres in size featuring the planet’s biggest dome volcano, Lassen Peak. It’s on the list of few locations on earth where all 4 forms of volcanoes is found. The park is situated 200 miles out of San Francisco, in a hilly place located in the northern part of the Sierra Nevada. It’s area of the Cascade Range in which stretches up to British Columbia in the north.

The last volcanic eruption at Lassen Peak took place on May 22, 1915. This particular mountain is found in the Cascade Range and it is probably the most southern from the active volcanoes in this region. Ash out of this eruption poured down on areas as far as 200 miles to the eastern side.

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There are many intriguing facets of this park to discover, such as bubbling mud pots, loud fumaroles (openings in the volcanic structure which allow steam and gas to leave) and soil which steams. The truth that Lassen is an active volcano provides not just intrigue to the experience but also a feeling of immediacy with the indications of possible upcoming eruption all over the area.

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There are many places for camping in this region including Warner Valley, Manzanita Lake and Juniper Lake. Many of these camping area facilities close with the appearance of snow, but trekking is still allowed. Hiking off-trails is impermissible and pets aren’t allowed.

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