Kuang Si Waterfall

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Luang Prabang offers both historical and natural sites. Some of the tourist sites would be the Pak Ou Caves and Kuang Si Falls. It is probably one of most charming cities in Southeast Asia and is an important stop on any journey.

The Kuang Si Falls, referred to as Tat Kuang Si and spelled Kuang Xi, are really a 3 rate waterfall around 29 kilometres southeast of Luang Prabang city in Laos. The waterfalls are a preferred destination for tourists. The falls come from shallow pools on top of a steep hill. These lead to the big fall having a 60 metres cascade. The falls are reached by using a trail to a left side of the falls. Water collects in several turquoise pools while it runs downstream. The numerous cascades which result are common of travertine falls.

The Kuang Si Park commences at the base of the falls. A twisting trail then walks you past a tiny cage exhibiting Asian black bears saved from poachers. This particular trail proceeds over the woods past many pools of water and smaller high cascades, prior to reaching the top where you will find a high waterfall.

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There are picnic benches and changing rooms and at a number of the pools, and there’s a deck area with additional seats at the very top waterfall. The entire region is shaded and nice, even though the water is quite cold. Kuang Si is an excellent spot for a hot afternoon, but make sure to bring a bath towel along.

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