Jennifer Aniston married in March ?

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While pregnancy rumors rife since Justin Theroux‘s hand resting on the belly of Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars, People magazine announced that the couple would marry in the next few days.

Photo of Jennifer Aniston resplendent in her red dress to her fiancé Justin Theroux has toured the world. And this is especially the actor’s hand tenderly placed on the belly of the actress who fueled pregnancy rumors.

It now appears that the actress is very busy preparing their wedding, which should take place in the coming days.

People magazine says she has everything planned to dress alliances through the place of marriage.

“It will be a small ceremony with their close friends,” says a source at the magazine.

Hopefully after the failure of his marriage to Brad Pitt, the actress has made ​​the right choice by engaging with Justin Theroux.

Jennifer is madly in love with Justin,” the source confirms to People magazine. “It can no longer wait for this wedding!”

jennifer aniston and justin theroux

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