Incredible theory that the ground shakes Catholic Church

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Proponents of conspiracy theories talk about mysteries that Catholic rulers they hide in the cellars of St. Peter’s Cathedral. They said there would be kept 105 documents, 20 of which were never disclosed to ordinary people.

Among them are several controversial letter that Pope Pius XI and would be sent Hitler a missive written on the bark of a tree, which Ojibwe tribal leaders would be offered to the Pope at the Vatican , and the letter that king Henry VIII sent to the Pope in which he announced to renounce Catholicism and join the Anglican faith.

Adolf-HitlerBut the mysteries do not stop there. Apparently grandson of Genghis Khan would be sent Pope Inocecius IV a letter asking him to join any Christian leaders in worship in front of him to recognize power and sovereignty.

Conspiracy does not stop there. It seems that the “box of secret documents” would also learn the technological secrets conoportarea, teleportation or levitation.

Moreover, the Vatican catacombs would ever find documents showing impressive early Christianity, and if it published, they would shake the foundations essence of Catholicism.

These archives can not be seen by anyone, and those who apply to study them must be examined by the Council of Cardinals.

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