Hypothesis shocking: Princess Diana was killed in ambulance

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Cover of this week’s Globe offers a variety of incredible stories, but none is more shocking than explosive new evidence showing that Princess Diana was killed in an ambulance which transported her to the hospital, says

Princess Diana was Dodi Fayed in a car that was being chased by paparazzi French, led by Henri Paul, when you were involved in a terrible accident.

The official story was that neither Diana nor Dodi were not wearing seat belts, died from serious injuries sustained in the accident.

Princess Diana was killed in ambulance 150x150 on  Hypothesis shocking: Princess Diana was killed in ambulance

However, there is a whole literature devoted to conspiracy theories according to which neither accidental nor death occupants were not actually accidental.

A lot of complaints were made to the Secret Intelligence Service, the accident and the subsequent deaths. Conspiracy buffs have found that people senior royal family would be responsible for what they consider to be murder Diana.

Now, GLOBE brings new evidence to light, which can be solved once and for all here.

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