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We’ve written about a couple of vehicles modified by Lexani Motorcars such as the Toyota Sequoia and the Mercedes Sprinter and today we bring you the GMC Yukon XL Motorcoach which is strictly business on the outside and a huge party on the inside. The Yukon XL you see here can now be referred to as an XXL as this large SUV has been extended by 30-inches allowing lucky passengers more freedom to move around, work, and of course play.

On the outside of this GMC Yukon XL Motorcoach, there is not a whole lot going on but is sure to turn heads because it’s so much longer than your traditional full-size SUV. But once you step inside this luxury motorcoach, you would think you entered a private jet owned by a middle eastern sheikh. There is plush Italian leather everywhere you look and the ambient environment is very welcoming.

Lexani GMC Yukon XL Interior 4As with all Lexani vehicles, this SUV has been customized to its client’s requests. This particular GMC Yukon XL features two six-way power executive leather sweats which are heated and have a massager in each seat. There are also two executive leather seats with heat and massagers as well. The roof on this vehicle has been raised and the headliner is covered in Alcantara suede.

I know people are pretty proud of their 42-inch LED TV in their home but how about a 40-inch Samsung LED TV in your SUV? Yep, this Yukon XL has just that along with a Logitech 1100 Touchscreen management system, TrackVision satellite TV, and PS3. Other amenities include executive airline tables, video conferencing with WiFi 4G network capability, and even a business station with print/scan/fax/copy capability.

If you happen to have a date and the private jet feel isn’t doing it for her then perhaps you can set the mood right with the ambient LED overhead lighting and the 1,000 watt sound system. And of course, you have the refrigerator/freezer to serve chilled drinks.

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