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Cute, funny, awkward, funny pictures of animals! All pleasant emotions!
Living in today’s society can be a stressful environment. Every day we have so much to do and our jobs and chores can sometimes make us feel low. Often people may turn to unhealthy solutions such as alcohol or other drugs to escape or help them feel better. It’s very easy to turn to such unhealthy solutions as they are methods that society has subliminally taught us and promoted. How many times have you heard from someone who was upset; “I am off to the pub” or “I really need a cigarette”. These types of behaviour have become common in today’s society and it is a very sad state of affairs. Even on television the common cure for the blues is to turn to alcohol and there are hundreds of movies where a sad person turns to drink, cigarettes or drugs. Surely there are better ways other than damaging our bodies and our health to make ourselves feel temporarily better. But what are there alternatives?

There are lots of great ways to relieve stress in healthy ways. One of my favourite ways to relieve stress is to look at funny or hilarious pictures. There are literally hundreds of websites out there that have great collections of very funny pictures that can cheer you up to no end. A popular favourite of lots of people is to look at funny animal pictures with captions. The cuteness of the animal combined with the funny caption attached to it has always been a good recipe to make someone smile. Just looking at some funny pictures for thirty minutes can really help elevate and change your mood.

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