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Chow Hon Lam is the true name of Flying Mouse, a graphic designer from Malaysia who makes t-shirts with humor and exports throughout the world. Know the work of this designer that won three Bestee Awards and works for The Dave Matthews Band.

Chow Hon Lam, or Flying Mouse, is a t-shirts designer from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. According him, this garment is a way of telling stories on a funny or symbolical way.

However, his images don’t need a physical shape to be appreciated. With humor and originality, his purpose is bringing a smile to the world in times of crisis. He won three prizes on Bestee Awards 2007: Most Printed Design, Newcomer of the Year and Best Concept for a Design .

Besides his own online sales’website , he works for Lotus F1, Air Asia, Nike and even for he Dave Matthews Band. The ordered t-shirts take 3 weeks approximately until their arrival destination and requests can be made from any country.

Chow Hon Lam criticizes the popular culture a little bit. There are remarkable things at his work, like ostriches which want to fly, milk packages talking t their moms, disguised octopus and monsters with roller skates…

1. Murderer

Murderer 650x572 on  Flying Mouse   Humor for dressing

2. Mama

Mama 650x408 on  Flying Mouse   Humor for dressing

3. Dream Big

Dream Big 650x744 on  Flying Mouse   Humor for dressing

4. Naughty Giant

Naughty Giant 650x572 on  Flying Mouse   Humor for dressing

5. Good Night City

Good Night City 650x606 on  Flying Mouse   Humor for dressing

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