Emma Watson:” I was rebels to not be treated like a doll”

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“I do not recognize myself at all in the expression ‘movie star.'” She actress icon for a generation of teenagers now young adults after the Harry Potter and fashion muse for the greatest (Lancôme is the latest), Emma Watson refuses with great modesty status of “star cinema. ” She is right. Emma Watson, 22, has everything to be yet. Still a student, she climbed the ranks to a non precipitation. “This business can devour your soul if you do not careful, she says Elle magazine. Whatever you give will never be enough.”

With an impressive maturity for her young age, Emma Watson does not burn stages. She does not want to mix with the masses, and wants to make sense of his career. This explains why the World Charlie has served as a springboard to the possibility of opening a new chapter in his life after Harry Potter and his entry into the world of fashion. A new status as the young British star could not imagine: “When I was younger, I dreamed of me blend into the wallpaper, go unnoticed. Then, growing up, I learned to appreciate my singularity and reputation, “she says women’s magazine.

Paradoxically, Emma Watson is in the life of every day a woman very different from that which gives the public the cover of top magazines. The biggest difference: makeup. She admits to “make up a lot for work and little in life” prefers lightness, which explains his choice to wear with Lancôme’s new line In Love. A fashion choice that contrasts with his next delivery to the movies, the latest film by Sofia Coppola, The Bling Ring. “They put me in the tanning, I had to wear Ugg, a push-up and Juicy Couture tracksuits. Was seen the straps of my bra [hate it] and I even taken during pole dance, “she admits. “But it was fun to be bad-girl.”

Necessarily in the spotlight, the young actress refuses to fall into the facility so that “people want to wrap you in bubble wrap.” “You are a commodity after all, and they want to keep you warm,” said one who rebelled in his teens to enjoy today an ounce of independence that allows him to make choices. “As a teenager, if I was a rebel, was to deny that treats me like a porcelain doll. It’s good to be seen as a real person.”

Emma Watson

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