Cyclops shark embryo found in Mexico

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White shark and the owner of a single eye is 56 inches long and was actually found in the embryo stage. A Mexican fisherman captured (“legally” Mexican authorities confirmed) a pregnant female shark in the Gulf of California. When he cut prey, found ten chickens, among which the shark Cyclops. Nine others looked perfectly normal. Fisherman has posted the discovery on Facebook and scientists were quick to explain about the strange apparition: and sharks, like humans and other species, there is sometimes (quite often, what and right), a congenital abnormality called Cyclopean – formation of a single organ of sight.

A team of researchers from Felipe Galvan-Magan coorodonată and Bejarano, Marcela Alvarez, Interdisciplinary Center of Marine Sciences in La Paz, Mexico, obtained permit fishermen to borrow copies of the study purpose. According to biologist Jim Gelsleichter, shark expert at the University of North Florida, sharks, Cyclops were also reported several times now, still in embryonic stage. That otherwise never have been reported show that, in reality, they do not survive long and if I was born. However, their discovery shows that science has much to study and learn. In the particular case of the shark found in Mexico, and other abnormalities have been reported: albinism, lack of nostrils, and other spinal abnormality.

The reason is usually Cyclops (at least in humans and other mammals) was identified as vitamin A diet low in the mother. If sharks causes of Cyclops are more difficult to identify. But scientists who have analyzed the case of small Cyclops in Mexico have eliminated at least a possibility – they certainly do not say that pollution was to blame for the anomaly. They argue that the bay waters are clean where it was found, so the anomaly is certainly other causes. Only extensive research can determine, however, what causes the manifestation of the Cyclops to sharks.

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