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Victoria Beckham has managed the feat of passing the status of girl band singer than fashion designer recognized a decade. Between transformations, and failures strokes of genius, his hair looks accompanied this radical change!

Updating: Exit lengths, up to a refreshing summer hair! To celebrate the arrival of spring, Victoria Beckham has decided to abandon his long hair and change cutting head a few inches behind the ears. So it is with a gradient shoulders bright as the wife of Becks was spotted last week in Los Angeles. A sort of square waves very plunging sublimated and keys were perfectly auburn beautify the complexion of beautiful mom. While the approach of long sunbathing on the beach this summer, can not wait to see Madame and her new haircut in a bikini which she alone has the secret!

02/07/2011 >>

Hairstyles >> Victoria Beckham in 1999 and 2000: a “wannabe” fashionista!

These are the last two years of the Spice Girls. Geri is gone, but the group continues to run and the looks of Victoria are felt: short hair tousled, smooth and long extensions, all enhanced scans risky, style girl band sticks to the skin!

Hairstyles >> Victoria Beckham in 2001 and 2002: mom first!

In 2001, the Spice Girls split. Victoria will then attempt to launch a solo career and released a few singles squatting on top of the charts … and were demolished by critics. At the same time, she gave birth to her second son, Romeo. It then adopts a hair more “adult”, a short cut and smooth with a wick, which the younger!

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles >> 2003 to 2006: bimbo sad!

Victoria ends his contract with his record label in 2003. She decided to become a stylist, and became the face of Dolce & Gabbana. It connects different hairstyles, all based on very long extensions, whose color varies between brown and blond throughout the month. To accompany this mane, it looks all put on sexier than others … which are not always in the best taste. She seeks to regain his David? This is very likely the couple is in crisis since David has cheated with his assistant (among others) in 2004. Note: since this date, Vic seems to have definitely stopped smiling.

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles >> 2007: blonde attitude!

End of 2006, Victoria returns to its original square, and gives it a more fashionable form plunge. All natural hair, phew! But think it will stop there would be wrong to know: Posh has a real adventurous temperament! Without warning, she spends so to platinum blonde, cut short a long wick. We feel it recedes gradually his bimbo look, even if it is a slight relapse with his flashy underwear and glasses fly!

Hairstyles >> Victoria Beckham in 2008 and 2009 cut!

Returned brunette Victoria tries everything for all to affirm its credibility fashion: it passes boyish cut, plated or disheveled. At the same time, she is the muse of Marc Jacobs for his Spring 2008 collection, and is in a completely crazy campaign, photographed by Juergen Teller! She finally chips away its image starlet snob, and conquers the heart of the fashion world!

Hairstyles >> Victoria Beckham in 2010 and 2011: a fashion icon!

Victoria’s hair started to grow, it passes all stages hands down! Blur along the square wave through the strict ponytail, she finally found: a chic, simple and refined, in the image of his collections! We press his shows, and is about to give birth to her first daughter. If the road has been long, it has arrived and now everything runs to Vic!

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  2. […] There is also a CV capillary Victoria Beckham! […]

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