Beyonce having playback for Obama?

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And if Beyonce was a nasty cheater? The singer is accused of having playback of the American national anthem at the inauguration of Obama.

The inauguration of Barack Obama for his second term was held on January 21 at Washington. For the occasion, many stars were present and participated in the ceremony. The President of the United States was sworn in, there were parades and came divas sing the American national anthem and patriotic songs like My Country,? Tis of Thee known in America. Everything went as planned except that since Monday controversy swells around one of these artists.
Beyonce playback, never seen?

And not just that because this is the diva Beyonce is concerned. The singer is accused of having the backing of millions before? Americans and the rest of the world when she sang The Stars Sprangled Banner. The controversy arose Tuesday, January 22 when the spokesman Marine Band, the band of the Marine Corps of the United States, said that the musicians had not played a single note of this song but had mine play their instruments. In fact, this is a soundtrack that turned to support Beyonce. From there, some have expressed doubt that either Beyonce did not sing for real what the spokesperson was not able to say.
A last minute change
Beyonce having playback for Obama
Captain Eric Flanagan told the Washington Post that initially the group was playing live with Beyonce but that it has not had time to come to rehearsals. So, they decided it was too risky to go live on the day J. Best all artists like Kelly Clarkson or Alicia Keys had a recorded version of their service in the event of damage or technical cold, but only that Beyonce has been used.

Another representative said that the Marine Band Beyonce have decided to use the audio and voice recording made the day so to make playback at the last minute while adding that the group is not able to tell if she sang live, even if only over his own voice. EOn the New York Times, a representative of the musical says: “We do not know why but that’s what we were told to do … It is not because Beyonce can not sing. We all know she can sing. And we all know that an orchestra can play Marines. ” In contrast, under the same conditions, Kelly Clarkson has done live as his spokesman has clarified by mail to Washington Post.

Beyonce why she made the playback, and why she has pushed up the vice snatch his ear to show the world she is so pro that she did not even need to hear the music ? This is a gesture that outrage, knowing that if she did the playback, this act is only a smokescreen. And besides, she’d need to lather on the day of the inauguration of Barack Obama? Trying to be the center of attention on a day like shows how Queen Bee has a big ego. To know that Beyonce is not the only one to make the playback during major events. Whitney Houston sang the American national anthem at the SuperBowl in playback in 1991.

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