Barack Obama’s daughters Malia and Sasha have grown up

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People the world was in turmoil in November 2012! More or less involved, the stars showed their support for the Democratic candidate. Mission Accomplished: Obama remains the 44th President of the United States. And since the beginning of this incredible adventure, Obama is surrounded by her two daughters Malia Ann who is now 14, and Natasha aka Sasha, 11 years.

And it is precisely with his offspring as the President has pardoned two turkeys during Thanksgiving, November 21. Between laughter and complicity in the Obama clan, this event was also an opportunity for the public to see the growth of both girls! Indeed, it seems a long time since Malia and Sasha wore small quilts, white tights and pleated skirts. Today, the eldest daughter swapped his paraphernalia against leather jackets and skinny jeans. Monitor and support Dad in all his movements, giving the image of the perfect American family, yes, but with style!

And even if the presidential family appears from time to time in full force, Michelle and Barack make it a point of honor to protect their daughters from the hustle and flashes perpetual, and let them live a nearly normal childhood. For evidence, Malia and Sasha are included in private school Sidwell Friends in Washington and have no treatment. In true doting father, the president joked during an interview with CNN: “After my reelection, I’ll order the Secret Service (which provides protection, NLDR) to protect them so that when the boys start their courtship, they are surrounded by armed men. “

Be blooming when they are the most famous girls of the U.S. … Yes, they can!

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