Annual festival “Red Wine”

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12 to 14 January 2013 in the Ukrainian town of Mukachevo was the eighteenth annual festival “Red Wine”. For 18 consecutive years, from all former Soviet Transcarpathia and attracts the best winemakers to showcase their wines and share their skills.

Winemakers offer guests a taste different varieties of wine: white, red and pink, dry, sweet, semi-sweet. For every taste and color was his lover.
It is estimated that in the three days of the festival visitors 55-60 thousand people, has sold about 75 thousand liters of wine.

Our Transcarpathian wines are always appreciated and received gold and silver medals at world and European wine competitions.

For three days, the central part of the city is transformed into a giant tasting area.
The festival was founded in 1996 and is one of the most popular festivals not only in the Carpathian region, but also in Ukraine.

Red Wine Festival in Ukraine 26

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