Alexandra Stan beaten by her partner and producer

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The image of his face swollen thrilled. Romanian singer Alexandra Stan confessed on television that she was beaten by her boyfriend.

Swollen face, a black eye, bruises on her arms, bruises on various parts of the body … Alexandra Stan was unrecognizable when she appeared on television on the Romanian channel Canal D. The last weekend, the singer, to whom we owe the tube Mr Saxobeat in 2010, had a fight with her ​​partner and producer, Marcel Prodan, for stories of money. “Every time I asked him to pay me [what it seemed to do for many months], it veered to the confrontation. The day before the assault, he was very aggressive and gave me an envelope with a little liquid. When I asked him what it corresponded, he yelled at me to get out and hurt me by grabbing me by the arm. “

His anger not falter. The last weekend, beating rained again. “He hit me. I tried to defend myself, we fought and I fainted, she told the television. Two hours later, I woke up on the couch in the studio. He dragged me to the car and me was ejected. “A policeman takes the hospital to be treated for Constanta before his deposition be taken. According to information of the Romanian newspaper Cancan, we learn that this was more than a year that the young singer of 24 years suffered the violent outbursts of his companion. This time, she refused to be silent.

Alexandra Stan 650x408 on  Alexandra Stan beaten by her partner and producer

4 Responses so far.

  1. Null says:

    Fucking moron boyfriend.

  2. Jelena fan says:

    omg dat is echt zieleg echt slechte vriendje !

  3. Jelena fan says:

    fuck jou Marcel Prodan! Alexandra is een prachtige zangeres en zij vraagt jou iets en dan ga je haar in elkaar slaan!?

  4. Phạm Huy says:

    fuck jou Marcel Prodan!

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