Abandoned Railways

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Abandoned railways looks so sad and alone. Long time ago there was many people, many passengers passing by. Today, these railways are abandoned which is so sad.

These railways are overgrown with grass and big trees. Now, these railways are in nature arms, and nature is for them all they have. An abandoned railway is a railway line which is no longer used for that purpose. There are many hundreds of these throughout the world. Thousands of miles of railroads have been abandoned in the United States, much of it in the 40 years from 1965 to 2005.

The right of way which has been established for such a line makes it useful for an alternate form of transport such as a rail trail. Other uses are possible. For example, in 1936, farmers in Aldrich, Missouri, found various uses for the land and materials of an abandoned railway. The abandoned railway stations on the line may be put to some other use too.

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