Hundreds of people have asked for medical attention after a meteorite fragments resulting from the disintegration fell in three Russian cities in the Urals: Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg and Tyumen. Injuries suffered various injuries, bruises and scratches. Space rock fall was accompanied by strong explosions, which caused numerous broken windows on building. According to reports, the meteorite – become dangerous – had been destroyed by the army.

Balance persons in need of medical care is increasing. If one initially announced that 50 people were injured – mostly because shards of broken glass loud bang – Interior Ministry official balance reached over 400 people who needed help in three regions.

Video: Breaking News: Shocking Flash in Skies, Russia, Chelyabinsk

Russian-fireball-Feb15_2013orangeLater, ITAR-TASS information, citing an official from the Ministry for Emergency Situations, almost 500 people have been affected by the fall of the meteorite, and five of them were hospitalized.

In the area, people thought it was an earthquake or a plane that crashed, while others believed that it was a UFO. Blast was so powerful that a wall of a factory collapsed, injuring four people.

Russian authorities have confirmed that at least a fragment of meteorite fell near Chelyabinsk and advised people to remain in their homes.

Russian Ministry for Emergency Situations, on the other hand, said that the meteor did not affect power plants in the region. Ministry appealed to people not to panic and mobilized 20,000 people and three helicopters to assess the situation on the ground.

Meteor shower was visible in Kazakhstan.

According to Russian press meteorite fell in a lake located one kilometer from Chelyabinsk.

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