A country with a difference – Romania

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Country with a difference

Traveling in Romania is a rewarding experience. It is so different – both in gorgeous landscapes and built structures, as evident in its magnificent historic monuments and drab contemporary structures. The lifestyle of its people is also unique. Travelers are often likely to come across horse-drawn carts chugging along paved – and often cratered – rural roads. They are also likely to spot occasional swanky automobiles speeding away on highways, better maintained than potholed village roads. Romania’s transition from communism to an open society, with a ruthless regime of Nicolae Ceausescue in between, still seems to be tentative. But it is trying hard to reach its avowed goal. That’s what makes Romania so different – and a visit to this country so rewarding.

Tourist attractions

Romania is generously endowed with both natural and man-made tourist attractions. The Danube Delta, the Black Sea and miles of sandy beaches are absolutely alluring. The majestic Carpathian Mountains and acres of vineyards beckon travelers to have a great and satisfying holiday experience in this country. Built tourist attractions include Transylvanian medieval towns, painted monasteries in Bucovina, traditional villages in Maramures, Bucharest’s exquisite architecture, and mysterious and majestic castles.

The Palace of Culture, Iasi

The Palace of Culture, Iasi

Black Sea Resorts

The Mediterranean’s French Riviera is Romania’s Black Sea Coast, equally alluring and enjoyable. Long stretches of beaches are dotted with superb hotels and resorts, offering plenty entertainment facilities. In ancient times Greek seafarers had set up trading colonies along the coast. They left their cultural legacy behind. Archaeologists are trying to discover the remains of any structures that the Greek colonizers had built in circa 7th century BC.

Medieval built heritage

Romanian castles and fortresses are best examples of the country’s rich medieval heritage. The most notable is the 14th century Corvinesti Castle built on the same site where the Roman invaders had once set up their camp. The most elegant and luxurious is the 19th century Peles Castle. Its 160 rooms now contain exquisite European works of art. And don’t miss the mid-14th century Bran Castle where the legendry and bloodthirsty Count Dracula had set up his residence for carrying out – however fictional – his gory activities!

Medieval towns

Central Romania is popularly known as Transylvania – a region where some great and well-preserved towns are located. Singhisoara tops the list and enjoys the status of UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Other important medieval towns are Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Sibiu and Targu-Mures. Transylvania’s architectural treasures are unique as could be seen in the fortified churches and centuries-old houses.



Bucharest, the capital city

Bucharest’s existence as a minor human settlement could be traced back to 500 BC. It took Bucharest some 2000 years to become a majestic city and provincial capital. Bucharest became the Romanian capital in 1862. Bucharest is a gorgeous city, remodeled in the late 19th century by French and French-inspired Romanian architects.

It features neoclassic buildings, lush green landscapes, and even a Romanian version of Arc de Triomphe and an avenue more majestic than the Champs-Elysees. No wonder it earned the nick name “Little Paris”! Apart from its immense historical charms, Bucharest bears the legacy of dictator Ceausescu’s Parliament Palace that is the world’s second largest edifice after Washington’s Pentagon. The abundance of Bucharest’s magnificent citadels can’t be described in a few pages. Explore the city and get dazzled!

Nightlife: There is practically something for everyone in this amazing city, right from trendy bars to lively pubs and even some odd steamy strip joints. The city is absolutely safe for wandering late at night.

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Hotels and restaurants

Bucharest, as also other major towns, offers a wide variety of hotels and restaurants. Select a suitable hotel from the website and do restaurant hopping while here.

Winds of change

Romania is changing fast. Modernity is gradually overshadowing the medieval ambience. Come here soon before the grandeur of the old world charm gets eclipsed.

Physical map of Romania

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